IMTS Trade Show

IMTS trade show starts today and we are going to introduce our latest addition to optical comparators line, model 14HE, with 14" screen. This new comparator has the same high quality features as the current product line, but in a smaller package and at a lower price point.

Standard Gage

Standard Gage was an American company based in Poughkeepsie NY. They were purchased by Brown & Sharpe in 1987 and continued to manufacture dial indicators, bore gages and snap gages in and around the same area in New York State.

MD&M West Trade Show

Dorsey Metrology is one of exibitors at MD&M West trade show. Visit out booth to see complete range of inspection devices that we manufacture. Organized by Canon communications at Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, United States of America, the MD&M West is 3 days event which is directed towards showcasing various emerging aspects about the latest advances of medical world.

Quality department in manufacturing process

As manufacturers strive for six sigma manufacturing processes, and zero defects, the roll of the quality department has significantly changed. Quality departments must now become actively involved in the manufacturing process from engineering to product packing and shipment.

Optical inspection technology

One of the major traditional faults of an optical inspection instrument is the subjectivity of the operator. It has a very drastic consequence on the measurement. The differences between the operators are commonplace as it is up to the device operator to determine where the feature being inspected begins and ends.

Types of optical inspection instruments

Optical inspection instruments can be put into four basic categories. Optical comparators, microscopes, video and laser systems. Optical comparators utilize traditional optics to magnify and project the image of an object onto a glass screen. This type of optical inspection instrument is by far the most widely used and is also the least expensive method of optical non-contact inspection in use today.

History of optical inspection instruments

The basic principle of an optical gaging instrument is to provide a method to inspect a desired feature with versatile way of non-contact gaging. This enables manufacturers the ability to inspect a wide variety of parts without the need for complex fixtures. This non-contact method of inspection allows an inspector to view a desired feature using the magnification ability of optics.Optical inspection instruments allow to determine characteristics such as  size, shape, location or surface finish.

Dorsey's precision tools at Eastec trade show

From May 19th until May 21st Dorsey Metrology will be an exhibitor at Eastec trade show. Eastec is the largest annual manufacturing event on east coast. The Eastec trade show is put on by The Society of Manufacturing Engineers. The trade show is located in West Springfield MA. Eastec is where you will get valuable insights into new technologies.