Contract Manufacturing Services

Dorsey Metrology offers contract manufacturing services

CNC Machining

Fully automated CNC Mill Turn Centers are the backbone of our production capabilities. The automated bar loaders, chip conveyors and live tooling on these machines allows unattended "Lights out" 24/7 operation.

Many traditional milling and EDM parts can now be manufactured on our multi axis mill turn centers.

Production Grinding

Grinding capability further enables us to provide our customers with a single source solution for all of their machining needs.

We excel in holding fine finishes and close tolerances for flatness and parallelism. We can grind heat sensitive materials, stainless steels, non magnetic metals or plastics.

We also offer blade sharpening services.

Assembly Services

Our factory is equipped to handle mechanical and electromechanical assembly of complete systems or sub-components. Our expertise ranges from basic wiring harnesses to complex system integration systems.

PLC programming, component soldering and testing are also available.

Our Machines

Precision, quality and excellence.

The various machines at Dorsey Metrology are extremely accurate, fast, and versatile in the work they produce.

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Our Lathes

  • Daewoo MX 2500

    Multi axis mill/turn center, 3" capacity, twin spindle, single turret with live tooling, 40 tool mill capacity, 10 axis with bar loader

  • Daewoo Puma 1800

    Multi-processing and mass-production via upper/lower turrets, Y-axis and left/right spindles

  • Doosan Puma 240 SY

    2 5/8" capacity, twin spindle, twin turret both with "C" axis, "Y" axis upper turret, live tooling with bar loaders

  • Haas TL-1

    CNC tool room lathe

  • Star 10 Screw machine

    3/8" capacity with bar feed

  • Star 12 Screw machines

    ½' capacity with live tooling and bar feeds (3 machines)

  • Various manual lathes

Our Vertical Mills

  • Haas GR510 Gantry Mill

    15 HP, 10 tools, 5'x10' table capacity

  • Haas VF-1

    20 tools, 20 HP, 20"x20" travel table, 10,000 RPM spindle with fully programmable 4th axis

Our Grinders

  • Blanchard 18-36

    rotary surface grinder

  • Brown & Sharpe 618

    6"x18" capacity

  • Brown & Sharpe cylindrical grinder

  • Kent KGS-410 AHD

    42"x16" capacity

  • Kent KGS-818 AHD

    8"x18" capacity

  • Manual surface grinders (6 machines)

  • Mohawk multi-axis radius grinder

  • Okamoto Acc12-24 DX

    12"x24" capacity

  • Okamoto ACC16-32 ST

    16"x32" capacity


We are fully equipped to calibrate the full line of Dorsey and Standard Gage products. We offer ISO 17025 Accredited Calibrations (see our Scope of Accreditation for details) as well as Long Form Certifications. Our calibration laboratory has an independent environmental system that controls temperature and humidity. Ultra precision equipment allows us to attain length measurement values to .0000010” (one millionth of an inch). All primary standards are N.I.S.T. traceable. Equipment as follows:

  • 16” optical comparator, .0001” resolution, 10-100x magnification.
  • Multi-function digital laser interferometer universal measurement system (UMS) for length measurement of up to 48” with .000001” resolution.
  • Multi-function vertical column electronic height gage for measurements up to 28” with .00001” resolution.
  • Miscellaneous layout equipment.

Engineering/Design To Build

Our expertise combines the largest selection of precise linear measurement movements, frame configurations and sizes, material and accessories with the knowledge of how to apply them to solve any part inspection requirement. In addition to providing catalog items, we stand ready to be of service by suggesting customized gages for any application. As an organization we value our reputation as precision problem solvers. Our ability to develop custom concepts and configurations, available in a variety of frame materials such as aluminum, steel and carbon fiber make us a leader in the industry. To take advantage of our service simply forward a part print with the dimensions you wish to check circled. We will return a quotation listing gages we suggest, complete with approach sketches of any special or semi-special application.


We are fully equipped to economically repair the full line of Dorsey and Standard Gage products.

Spare Parts Supply

We stock an ample supply of spare parts for all Dorsey and Standard Gage products.


We offer a complete line of welding services. MIG welding, TIG welding, SMAW and gas welding processes are used to weld ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Brazing, silver soldering or bonding methods are used to join carbide components to base metals. Dorsey also owns a portable plasma cutter for rough stock cutting.