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For over 50 years Dorsey Metrology International has been manufacturing and selling precision measuring equipment such as dial indicators, bore gages, large diameter gages and snap gages, just to name a few. Our ultra high amplification dial indicators offer unmatched accuracy and repeatability.

Since 1986 we also have been perfecting our high quality optical comparator line. To view more information on our wide variety of products please visit the individual product pages.

Optical Comparators

Optical comparator is a non contact inspection instrument that applies the principle of optics to magnify and project the image of an inspected part. Optical inspection instruments allow the inspection of a part while the part is actually moving and being machined on the machine tool. Light source emits light beam that travels through prism and projects the shadow of an object onto a screen a few feet away so it can be compared with a chart showing tolerance levels for the part.

Optical comparators screen sizes


Various optical comparators screen sizes are available to Dorsey's customers, from 14" to 32". When selecting optical comparator screen size, it is important to determine how much of the part must be viewed at one time.

Optical comparator readouts

We also offer wide variety of digital readouts for our optical comparators. From simple XY axis to more complex readouts with geometric capability to allow measurement of circles, angles and distances. Our optical comparators are capable of working with CNC readouts, to allow repetitive measurement of parts.

Visit links below for more information about optical comparators readouts. Readouts also available as a PC Tablet. Contact us for more information.

Optical comparator readouts

16H Optical Comparator with digital readout
Optical Comparator, model 16H

Optical comparator charts

Our optical comparator charts are available in various styles. We use satin ground glass for our charts for superior quality. We also offer overlay charts to place over existing glass screen. Overlay charts are available in clear and frosted mylar and vinyl. Visit our optical comparator charts page below for more information.

Optical comparator charts

Optical comparator stages

We manufacture a complete line of precision coordinate XY staging in manual or motorized versions for OEM and upgrade applications. Visit the page below to find out more about our line of projector stages.

Optical comparator stages

Optical comparator fixtures

We offer various accessories for our optical comparators. From monochromatic filters, to increase contrast and reduce optical aberration and operator eye strain, to calibration tools, blocks and fixtures to prevent movement of inspected part on optical comparator stage.

Optical comparator fixtures

Dorsey's optical comparators product page

Indicating Devices, Dial Indicators, Bore, Snap, Large Diameter Gages and other measuring devices see Product link on top of the page. If your application require custom design, whether it's dial indicator, gage or comparator, we are able to design new tools to fit your needs.

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