Dorsey mechanical products are known nationally and internationally for their quality and accuracy. Besides, the products that Dorsey has made over the last 57+ years, we are now recognized as the leading supplier for internal dial bore gages. The company manufactures and sells the Dorsey / Standard dial bore gages that are a benchmark throughout U. S. Industry, Dorsey DBL series of bore gages, retractable bore gages, indicating plug and indicating disc gages. Dorsey has recently increased the dial bore gage offering by adding a new Dorsey / Standard #7 and # 8 size gages. The # 7 measures between 10.00”-24.00” (254mm-610mm) and the #8 measures between 21.00” – 36.00’ (533mm- 915mm).

The Description of bore gages

Bore gages are comparative instruments designed to check hole diameter and condition. Dorsey bore gages use the principle of two point gaging and three point centralization. The contacts are diametrically opposed which provides the most accurate readings. Using Dorsey bore gages with two point measurement allows one to “Explore the Bore”. That is, determine the bore configuration / condition such as, bell mouth, taper, out of round, barrel shape or hour glass shapes.

To Use: The gage is inserted on an angle for easy entry into the bore. The centralizer feature insures locating the true diameter. The bore gage is “rocked” and the indicator is observed to find the lowest reading to obtain the true diameter reading.

Dorsey Dial Bore Gage Setmasters

Dorsey offers a variety of reference masters from specific size master rings to Dorsey’s corresponding family of adjustable bore gage masters. Dorsey offers a complete set of adjustable bore gage setmasters that cover the range of ½” to 36”. Each model corresponds to the range of its companion dial bore gage. These masters may also be adapted to be used with other brands of competing bore gage products.

Standard Bore Gages