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  • 14h comparator

    Optical Comparators

    Dorsey is one of the few remaining domestically manufactured optical comparator product lines. Dorsey optical comparators demonstrate that attention to detail does matter and all are built

    on a foundation of stability and accuracy. Dorsey has tightened manufacturing tolerances to maintain uncompensated absolute inherent accuracy.

    Dorsey offers a variety of comparators, click here to decipher what model will best measure your part.

    Optical Comparators
  • Custom Applications

    Custom Measurement Tools

    Dorsey Metrology specializes in custom designed measurement tools. If you have a part that cannot be measured by a standard tool, Dorsey Metrology can help! Send a part print; we will create a custom, reliable tool that will measure your unique need. We can also replicate an existing tool using carbon fiber to reduce the weight. This tool was recently built replicating an existing tool which is now a 1/4 of its original weight.

    Special Applications
  • Contract Manufacturing

    Contract Manufacturing

    Did you know that Dorsey Metrology offers contract manufacturing services? We can help with the following services:

    CNC Machining Production Grinding Assembly Services Calibration Repair Welding

    Dorsey Metrology has been in business for over 60 years, our experience and knowledge can help if you need any of the above services completed in a timely, efficient manner.

  • No1 Bore Gage

    New Products

    At the request of our customers who were in need of a smaller bore gage, Dorsey Metrology is now producing the Size 1 Dorsey Standard Bore Gage. This size bore gage measures areas within the .63" - 1.00" range.

    This is another way Dorsey Metrology is committed to helping customer solve their precision measurement problems.

    Click below to see our full line of dimensional measurement products.

    Product Line

Unparalleled variety of inspection products

Our assortment of measuring instruments is quite well rounded, with many application alternatives and unique items not available elsewhere. In addition, Dorsey Metrology offers our customers the availability to modify our parts to meet your specific needs.

16H Optical Comparator


Dorsey Metrology offers a complete line of Optical Comparators, from 14” to 32” screens that are designed with tight tolerances to maintain uncompensated absolute inherent accuracy that is built shop floor ready with our harsh environment package. Dorsey comparators are offered with manual and CNC stages and are available in both horizontal and vertical systems.

4I9-005 High Amplification Dial Indicator


As you review Dorsey’s catalog, you will see that Dorsey offers a large assortment of gages. We manufacture Dial indicators (graduations to .00002”) Long-range Indicator, Bore Gages, Snap Gages, Comparator Stands, Large Diameter Gages, Groove Gages, Bench Gages, Depth Gages, Set-Master, and Countersink Gages, Chamfer Gages and much more.

Gage Chek

Custom Gaging

Let Dorsey Metrology be your metrology problem solver. If you have a tough measurement problem that requires modified Dorsey products or a custom designed product to meet your measurement needs, simply send us a part print defining the features of interest and we will review your application and respond in a timely manner.

Excellence and innovation in design and manufacturing

At Dorsey we take pride in our ability to continuously innovate our products and find new solutions to our customer’s needs. We have learned that attention to detail DOES matter.

Carbon Fiber C-Frame Gages

  • Lighter
  • Stronger
  • Thermally stable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Made in USA

Learn more about carbon fiber C-Frame Gages

Carbon Fiber C-Frame Large Diameter Gage