The RS-232 Base receives measurements from Mobile Modules and Remotes. Connects directly to an RS-232 serial port and is powered by a separate AC adapter.


  • RF Sniffer determines clear channels for the most reliable operation.
  • Supports an unlimited number of Mobile Modules (transmitters).
  • Configured by the MobileCollect Xpress or Extended Setup programs.
  • Field upgradeable firmware.
  • Range is up to 133 feet.
  • You can have several Bases adjacent to each other. Each Base will only receive data from the Mobile Modules or Remotes that have been associated with the Base.
  • Data sent to the PC consists of ASCII strings that are accepted by virtually all SPC-DAQ software.
  • WedgeLink Xpress keyboard wedge included at no additional charge.

Product Category

Remote Transmitters
RS232 Base