DDG Depth Gages | DDGM Setmasters

DDG Series Depth/Height Gages

Dorsey DDG style Depth or Height gages are used to measure distances from one surface to another or from one surface to a machine/tool fixture. They are generally designed for a specific application. Depth can be lever transfer type or direct reading. Gaging travel is generally allowed by the accompanying indicating device.

DDG Series Large Diameter Gage

DDG Series Features:

  • Standard with model #2DM125-05 .0005" graduation dial indicator
  • Additional dial or digital indicator graduations available upon request
  • Adjustable rests
  • Adjustable gaging depths
  • Can be set for gaging heights
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Hook contacts available upon request

To order this large diameter gage, use the following sequence to specify the desired configuration (there is no need to specify configuration for standard items).

Gage Type - Frame Size - Contact Type - Gaging depth - Other Options

Use table below to determine proper gage for your application

DDG Series Large DIameter Gages Models
Part #RangeSteel PinCarbide BallSteel ShovelCarbide Shovel
InchMetric (mm)(-SP)(-CB)(-SS)(-CS)
DDG-126 to 12150 to 300DDG-12-SPDDG-12-CBDDG-12-SSDDG-12-CS
DDG-1812 to 18301 to 460DDG-18-SPDDG-18-CBDDG-18-SSDDG-18-CS
DDG-2418 to 24461 to 610DDG-24-SPDDG-24-CBDDG-24-SSDDG-24-CS
DDG-3024 to 30611 to 760DDG-30-SPDDG-30-CBDDG-30-SSDDG-30-CS
DDG-3630 to 36761 to 915DDG-36-SPDDG-36-CBDDG-36-SSDDG-36-CS
DDG-4236 to 42916 to 1070DDG-42-SPDDG-42-CBDDG-42-SSDDG-42-CS
DDG-4842 to 481071 to 1220DDG-48-SPDDG-48-CBDDG-48-SSDDG-48-CS
DDG-5448 to 541221 to 1370DDG-54-SPDDG-54-CBDDG-54-SSDDG-54-CS
DDG-6054 to 601371 to 1525DDG-60-SPDDG-60-CBDDG-60-SSDDG-60-CS

DDGM Setmasters

DDGM setmasters is the companion to DDG series depth gages. They feature solid steel precision ground base, hardened rest plates and .25" of adjustment.

DDGM Setmaster

Use table below to determine proper setmaster for your gage.

DDGM Series Setmasters Models
Part #Range0 to 1"1" to 2"2" to 3"3" to 4"4" to 5"5" to 6"Gage Height .5"
DDGM-1812 to 18DDGM-18-GD1DDGM-18-GD2DDGM-18-GD3DDGM-18-GD4DDGM-18-GD5DDGM-18-GD6DDGM-18-GH5
DDGM-2418 to 24DDGM-24-GD1DDGM-24-GD2DDGM-24-GD3DDGM-24-GD4DDGM-24-GD5DDGM-24-GD6DDGM-24-GH5
DDGM-3024 to 30DDGM-30-GD1DDGM-30-GD2DDGM-30-GD3DDGM-30-GD4DDGM-30-GD5DDGM-30-GD6DDGM-30-GH5
DDGM-3630 to 36DDGM-36-GD1DDGM-36-GD2DDGM-36-GD3DDGM-36-GD4DDGM-36-GD5DDGM-36-GD6DDGM-36-GH5
DDGM-4236 to 42DDGM-42-GD1DDGM-42-GD2DDGM-42-GD3DDGM-42-GD4DDGM-42-GD5DDGM-42-GD6DDGM-42-GH5
DDGM-4842 to 48DDGM-48-GD1DDGM-48-GD2DDGM-48-GD3DDGM-48-GD4DDGM-48-GD5DDGM-48-GD6DDGM-48-GH5
DDGM-5448 to 54DDGM-54-GD1DDGM-54-GD2DDGM-54-GD3DDGM-54-GD4DDGM-54-GD5DDGM-54-GD6DDGM-54-GH5
DDGM-6054 to 60DDGM-60-GD1DDGM-60-GD2DDGM-60-GD3DDGM-60-GD4DDGM-60-GD5DDGM-60-GD6DDGM-60-GH5


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