Range .248 - .501"

DBL-248 Bore Gage


Range 3.00 - 6-00"

DBl-300 Bore Gage

DBL Offset Bore Gages

Avoid obstruction in measurement area.

Offset Bore Gage

Internal Dial Bore Gages

DBL Series precision bore gages are designed to be lightweight, versatile, and are ideal for toolroom applications. They feature an independant dynamic centralizer, with two fixed carbide balls, and are easy to disassemble and clean. Five models cover a measurement range from .25" to 6". All DBL series gages include carbide centralizing contacts, a .0001" graduation dial indicator and fitted wooden storage box.

Gaging Head

DBL bore gage gaging head showing internal transfer

The independant dynamic centralizer secures two carbide balls on one easy to clean and compact unit. Proven cam transfer is accurate and linear over its entire range. This head also includes very robust external centralizer reed spring.


Gaging Head Features

Our unique design makes measurements accurate.

  • Carbide centralizing ball contacts
  • Integrated range extension/contact
  • Lightweight
  • Easily detachable
  • Easy to clean

DBL Series Internal Bore Gages Product Matrix

DBL bore gages technical specification
ModelRange (inches)Overall LengthGaging DepthDimensionGaging Contact Travel
Note: For optional gaging contact travel add -GC to part #. For gage less indicator ann -NI to part #. Special gaging depths available per application. All units are expressed in inches unless stated otherwise.
DBL-248-S.248 - .5016.312.
DBL-248-C.248 - .5016.312.
DBL-499-S.499 - 1.0019.753.
DBL-499-C.499 - 1.0019.753.
DBL-998-S.998 - 1.5019.753.
DBL998-C.998 - 1.5019.753.
DBL-1499-S1.499 - 3.0010.754.
DBL-1499-C1.499 - 3.0010.754.
DBL-300-S3.00 - 6.0011.755.
DBL-300-C3.00 - 6.0011.755.
Special Range Models
DBL-365-S.365 - .6206.312.
DBL-620-S.620 - 1.0019.753.
DBL-200-S2.00 - 4.0010.754.
DBL-400-S4.00 - 10.0011.755.

DBL Offset Bore Gages

Offset bore gages are used during machining or jig grinding operations to avoid disturbing machine tool setup. Also used to avoid obstruction in measurement area. All DBL offset bore gages include fitted storage case.

Offset bore gages technical specification
ModelRangeGaging DepthClearance
Note: All units are expressed in inches unless stated otherwise.
2-OSDBL-499-OSS.5 - 131.56
2-OSDBL-499-OSC.5 - 131.56
3-OSDBL-998-OSS1 - 1.552.00
3-OSDBL-998-OSC1 - 1.552.00
4-OSDBL-1499-OSS1.5 - 352.00
4-OSDBL-1499-OSC1.5 - 352.00