Standard style bore gages with metric indicators
Standard style bore gages with metric indicators. Various bore gage sizes and styles shown.

Dorsey Bore Gages

Accurate Diameter Measurement

We are proud to introduce two new gages to our bore gage product line. #7 standard style and #8 standard style bore gage. Please visit corresponding pages for more details and technical specifications.

Bore gages are comparative instruments designed to check hole diameter and evaluate condition of the internal diameters. These bore gages use the principle of two points gaging and three point centralization. The gaging contacts are diametrically opposed which allows the most accurate reading of a bore. The reference contact is constructed to allow range extensions and adapters to be added to change the measuring size of the bore gage without loss of accuracy or balance.

During use, the gage is inserted on an angle for easy entry into the bore. The centralize insures locating on the true diameter. The gage is "rocked" and the indicator is observed to find the lowest measurement to obtain a true diameter reading.

Dorsey offers a variety of reference masters from specific size master rings to Dorsey's corresponding family of adjustable bore gage setmasters.

DBL Series - Internal Dial Bore Gages

DBL self centralizing bore gages are ideal for toolroom applications. Easy to use, easy to disassemble and easy to clean. Only 4 moving parts are used in this precision economical gage. All DBL series gages include carbide centralizing contacts, a .0001" graduation dial indicator and fitted wooden storage box.

DBL style bore gages
DBL series bore gages.
Model DBL-300 shown without indicator.

DBL Bore Gage Features

  • Measurement range from .25" to 6"
  • Ergonomic and massive thermal isolation handle
  • Integrated range extension / contact. Replaceable contacts available in steel, carbide or diamond
  • Robust external centralizer reed spring
  • Stainless steel plunger is encased in lightweight extension tubing. Custom length available up to 72"
  • Proven cam transfer is accurate and linear over its entire range

Dorsey Standard Bore Gages

This design of rugged production line bore gages has been the industry standard for more than 60 years. Dorsey offers exact replacements built to the same exacting specification and precision as the original Standard Gage® product. Interchangeable repair parts for these models are also available.

Dorsey Standard Style Bore Gages
Standard style bore gages.
Sizes 2 to 6 shown, from left to right.

Standard Style Bore Gage Features

  • Comfortable & ergonomic well balanced handle, can be removed to gain clearance in restricted areas
  • Precision machined aluminum dial unit housing
  • Stainless steel bore gage extension tubing in a wide variety of standard and special lengths
  • Carbon fiber or stainless steel extra length extension tubing up to 144"
  • Thermally insulated high impact resistant shield protects extension tubing
  • Replacable contacts available in steel, carbide or diamond
  • Proven bell crank transfer is accurate and linear over its entire range
  • Precisely machined cast phosphor bronze gaging head for sensitivity and durability
  • All bore gage sizes utilize the same dial unit housing for extreme versality

Additional bore gage styles designed especially for applications where space restrictions or gaging positions are not suitable to use of standard style bore gages housing.

Dial Bore Gage Combination Kit

Bore Gage Kit
Bore gage combination kit.
Kit includes size 2 bore gage, size 3 to 5 gaging heads with range extensions,
> various range extension contact ends and adjustment wrenches.

Bore Gage Combination Kit Features

  • Industry’s most popular dial bore gages now available in an easy-to-use combination kit
  • Standard with jeweled shock proof indicator movement
  • Available with a wide variety of indicators including .00005" or 0.001mm
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Ideal for small shops or short production runs
  • Interchangeable bore gage heads and range extensions to cover diameters from 1.000" to 8.000" or 25mm to 200mm
  • Replaces separate dial bore gages covering the same ranges as models # 2, 3, 4, and 5